Faraday Ozone’s

Excellent performance
A Series Ozone Generator

Experience unrivaled ozone generation excellence, elevating your applications with superior efficiency and reliability.

Compact Design

Many ozone generators have a compact and space-saving design for easy installation and mobility.

Efficiency Compressor

We use oil-free air compressors for superior air purity—cost-effective, lightweight and less noise.

Easy Maintenance

Single service door for easy maintenance, with ozone electrode cleaning needed only once a year.

Lowest Power

Ozone generators are designed to be energy-efficient to reduce operating costs.

High ozone concentration up to 6 to 12 wt%

High Voltage & High Frequency Corona Discharge

Robust Ozone Electrodes

Display shows oxygen purity, flow and cumulative hours of operation in digital format for easy understanding

Low power consumption

Consumes very less electricity and produces less heat compared to other brands in the market

Linear Ozone Control

An easy access panel provides LED performance monitoring, ozone output adjustment and control features.

Reliable Ozone

Max ozone reliability with durable steel electrodes for high-concentration ozone production using dry air.

Effective Fans

Highly effective fans to remove heat and make the machine cool for better heat dissipation and improves efficiency.

Optional 4-20 mA signal

4-20 mA analog interface option to connect the ozone generator to the PLC or external controller to control the ozone generator

Technical Specifications

Input Power230 V AC 50 Hz230 V AC 50 Hz230 V AC 50 Hz230 V AC 50 Hz
Ozone Output mg/hr 1000200040006000
Power Consumption110150180230
Built in Air Feed LPM14141414
Dimension (L x W x H)370 x 180 x 575 mm370 x 180 x 575 mm370 x 180 x 575 mm450 x 180 x 575 mm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozone?

Ozone, (O3), sometimes called “activated oxygen”, contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone is the second most powerful Purifier in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors.

Why should i buy faraday’s ozone generator more than others?

Faraday’s ozone generators use patented techniques for efficient, low-cost, and low-maintenance ozone production. We offer 20+ patented ozone products, ISO certification, and serve 50+ countries with dedicated sales and service support

What is corona discharge ozone generator?

High voltage electric supply applied into the ozone generator provides the energy required to form electrical arcs known as corona discharge inside the patented corona cells. These corona discharge splits the oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms which recombine to form ozone.

How does ozone generator works?

The ozone generator employs corona discharge technology, where high-voltage electricity breaks down oxygen molecules into atoms, which recombine to create ozone. This ozone is applied for treating water and air.

What is the half life of ozone?

Ozone, used for water and air treatment, has a short life and rapidly decomposes. In water, its half-life is approximately 30 minutes, halving its concentration every half hour.

What is the warranty period of ozone generator?

Warranty of ozone generator is 1 year.

Patented Ozone technology

Our ozone cells are patented and comes with for long life special steel produces mass ozone

Low Power Consumption

Consumes very less electricity and produces less heat compared to other brands in the market

Easy to Operate

Accessing front panel allows you to monitor and control the operation of the entire system

Great performance

Patented ozone cells, built-in oil free air compressor with efficient ozone production

Service and Installation

We are here to do service and installation support after sales. We have a team of engineers available round clock to handle and to provide prompt solution for your service related queries effective and supportive towards product installation.






Trained Service Engineers


Product Installations

​Extended Warranty Upto 1 Year

Our Ozone Generator are robust and reliable which offer a no-hassle 1 year warranty. We are confident enough on our technology and warranty covers for core materials like ozone electrodes and PCB comes for longevity. We recommend you to clean the fans filters and entire machine at least once in a month and replace the ozone power board and electrodes on a timely basis.

Product Certifications
got iso certification
got more patent certification
got dsir recognized certification
member of eu certification
Global Footprint in 50+ Countries
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